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Slab Moisture Problems in Healthcare Facilities

The Silent Crisis Beneath Your Feet

The Flooring Moisture Conundrum

The Household Effects of Microorgamisms in Floor Coverings

How to Explain "Slab Moisture" to Your Clients

Specifying Moisture Testing to Save a Livelihood

The Specifier's Plight to Know

The Five Options to a Slab Moisture Problem

Get Prepped! - (Guidelines on slab surface preparation)

Division 3 or 9? When to Seal Slabs

A Past Message from the CEO


Classic Articles


California Department of Health Services on Mold, circa 2001

Housing Research Paper No. 28, April 1954

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Moisture Movement Through Concrete Slabs

Owner's Manual for Concrete Floors

Slab-on-Ground Construction, circa 1959


Articles from the Concrete Industry


Analyzing Moisture Problems in Concrete Slabs

Are Your Slabs Dry Enough for Floor Coverings?

Avoiding Moisture Problems in Aggregate and Sand

Controlling Curling and Cracking in Floors to Receieve Coverings

Countering Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) in Concrete

Don't Apply Floor Coverings Too Soon

Don't Puncture the Vapor Retarder

Effects of Water-Vapor Emission on Floor Covering Adhesives

Fast Drying Concrete

Nordic Concrete Federation "Moisture Measurement in Concrete"

Osmotic Blistering

Slab Moisture Testing: Is it Always Reliable?

"Sound, Clean and Dry"

Vapor Barriers Under Concrete Slabs

Why Won't the Concrete Dry?

Drying of Lightweight Concrete

Articles from the Floor Covering Industry


Understanding Concrete Moisture & Vapor Emission Problems

WFCA Indsutry Position Paper on Moisture