Concrete Moisture & Alkalinity Protection for Flooring Investments

Specified widely by architects, Vapor-Green FC is a two-component, epoxy-based, membrane-forming polymer coating that meets ASTM F-3010 and will seal slabs up to 100% relative humidity to protect floor coveings from bond issues due to moisture and high pH.


Warranted for up to 15 years, installed by Certified Applicators and used on millions of feet of public works and other well known American construction projects.


Our reputation is built on providing the medication along with the surgery when it comes to your project. We cannot provide our products to unskilled applicators, since that puts the owner and all others at risk. Instead, we work with only with pros who understand concrete and preparation, as well as the need to do the treatment right every time.


Our products are environmentally safe, made in California and with eco awareness. Our products do not contain solvents that evaporate into our applicator's eyes, thorugh your building and into our atmosphere. Being Green is more than zero VOC, it is everything, from product formulatoins to how its installed.


Vapor-Green FC can be applied over a high pressure water jet profile, which is the only true dustless method. However, it is designed for applcation over diamond-ground slab surfaces which are more economical and make an ideal bonding surface.


Instead of anchoring to a rough, heavily shot-blasted profile, our epoxy systems infuse into the hard ground surface making the head-cap on the slab, plastic. It will not peel or chip off the surface as it becomes infused with it.


Our curing process allows the surface of the coating to be capable of chemical cross-linking to primers, cements, most types of adhesives and any kind of polymer flooring.

The bottom line is cost-effectiveness and far less use of material resources to provide a proven, warranted system.

Eco-Safe, Cost-Effective,
Moisture Insensitive Epoxy Flooring

Available in many colors, Vapor-CLEAR is a California-legal epoxy amine resin that is highly chemically resistant, forklift durable and completely moisture-proof. Installed using modern diamond grinding technology Vapor-CLEAR can be used on slabs of any age or moisture level.


We are proud to be California-based, where we lead the world in environmental law. Making products here or just using them on job sites means gladly meeting healthy clean-air standards not only in the cured, hardened state, but in the wet-application as well, which is something few people ever consider.


Our products have both environment and our applicator in mind, as they do not produce any harmful fumes or vapors common to conventional epoxy products which may contain solvents that are being outlawed in responsible eco-friendly states.


This epoxy floor coating is uniquely installed over a diamond-ground slab surface, or a high-pressure waterjet blasted surface. This means extreme hardness, durability and far less cost, a savings to the customer and environment. Our goal is to use prep methods that are cleaner than conventional products requre, such as needing heavily abraded surfaces for mechanical bonding.


Vapor-CLEAR uses the hardness of a properly profiled slab that is flat, to create a dense, permanent plastic cap within the surface pore structure that will withstands fork lift traffic easily and is highly chemically-resistant, as well as beautiful.


Ideal for industrial floors, warehouses and areas needing a tough, cleanable, durable, decorative and low cost floor solution with no concern for slab moisture. No moisture testing needed, no moisture concerns at all.


Whether in solid colors for creating a basketball court with all one seamless coating or used in production areas with safety lines, Vapor-CLEAR is the modern replacement to old high-build epoxy systems and can be easily maintained and repaired by facility personal. Please see our PDF brochure for more information.