Who we are, what we do, and how

Product choice is just as critical as choosing the people who install it. That is because this is a treatment to resolve risk, not just a sundries product.


We make the right product for bonding, chemical resistance, reducing outflow and achieving a proper, permanent seal.


Yet what makes us different is we also ensure the right people install it on your project. Every project is unique.


Our Certified Applicators work with us on every spec, to ensure your risk for moisture damage is mitigated right. This is done by careful evaluation and ensuring all parties are on the same page in understanding the treatment.


We believe our customers are people just like all of us, who want a problem solved as quickly and inexpensively as possible, and to know they chose the right people to help them.

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Understanding the moisture issue


Understanding what the problem is and how it works is always the first step toward avoiding the problem.


Come visit our library on floor failures and industry articles and publications, here.


Our goal is to have our clients able to make intelligent, informed decisions and you can only have that if you really do understand what works and what does not work too. There are no magic products and no shortcuts to properly sealing a slab.


Untold billions has been spent on floor loss, not just because of damaged goods but loss of revenue from such a catastrophic interruption to daily buisiness. It is not a person's life that is on the line, but it often can be people's livlihood at stake.


Everything in the building resides upon the floor, so shutting-down and moving-out to effect repairs is the problem to avoid.


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Specify our products, easily


Architects and Specifiers must be able to explain the need for slab sealing to their clients.


This is not only an issue of cost but one that represents E&O exposure to design pros as well as contractors. Damp slabs and floors are not agreeable, and the need to understand and treat the issue is all about liability, not product.


Many specs for mitigation products focus on the bells and whistles, rather than on the issue of installation. No great product installed improperly will work.


We make our product spec focus on the project, and how to get it treated correctly and efficiently. We are the only company who has a joint-signed warranty that shows our product was correctly specified and applied.


Let us help you make specifying simple and get answers to questions fast.